Design· New Industrial Civilization | Welcome to WIDC2023 in Yantai



The 2023 World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC2023) will be held in Yantai, China this September, aiming to empower advanced manufacturing and drive new industrial civilization with design. The Conference will be hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People’s Government of Shandong Province, supported by the Global Design Industry Organization (GDIO). Yantai, the century-old “port city”, will embrace innovation and open its arms to all colleagues and friends from the global design community.

The World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC) is an international design event jointly initiated by design organizations, institutions, enterprises, colleges, and universities in 46 countries and regions worldwide. Since 2016, WIDC has been successfully held for six sessions. It has issued a series of global and leading initiatives and themes, which have been highly praised and actively participated in at home and abroad. WIDC has become the world’s largest industrial design event with the highest specifications and the largest number of participating countries and regions.

As a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation develops, green and low-carbon, new energy, Internet, big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence and other industries are deeply integrated with manufacturing. This promotes fundamental changes in production methods, development models and enterprise forms of manufacturing, which produces a new industrial civilization. Industrial design, as a common innovation mode of mankind, will play a leading role in the new round of revolution. Taking “Design· New Industrial Civilization” as its theme, WIDC2023 will initiate a range of activities such as keynote forums, roundtable summits, exhibitions and seminars. During the Conference, future development direction under the background of the new industrial civilization would be jointly discussed to seek more opportunities, face new challenges, and design in an innovative way.

We now sincerely invite our global colleagues and friends who are engaging in design to attend WIDC2023 to build friendships, and we will jointly depict the blueprint of a more humane, environmentally friendly, and beautiful industrial civilization in the new era with the power of design!

If you are interested in participating in WIDC2023, please fill in the attached “WIDC2023 Attendance Intention Form” and send it back to us. World Industrial Design Conference looks forward to your arrival!

Organizing Committee of the WIDC


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