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In this respect, the conference advocates that international organizations, national governments, global design industries, and various industrial fields shall unite to promote the design industry as a powerful engine for economic and social development. Fully utilize and exert creativity, value, and leadership of design innovation, to increase industrial value, to cultivate industrial vitality, to spur industrial upgrading, and to shape future industrial structure. We pledge to build a global design industry organization, to revitalize the industry and create a better life, to promote prosperity and protect the earth. Up to now, 124 members have joined GDIO. Together we will make our contributions to achieving high-quality, sustainable development!

Benefits of becoming a GDIO member:

1. Priority to participate in activities of GDIO, for example, World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC);

2. Priority to access resources and services of GDIO, such as news publicity for GDIO member’s activities and events;

3. Face-to-face communication opportunities and cooperation potentials with industry leaders and masters;