GDIO helps designers become design entrepreneurs by providing a whole industry chain solution. We help designers become design entrepreneurs and help entrepreneurs gain innovative design ability. We aim to build up a mechanism to involve as many professionals in different fields as possible, including entrepreneurs, investors, manufacturers, technology providers, designers, and professionals in various fields. By integrating these resources, we are committed to providing whole industry chain solutions and promoting a win-win collaboration.  

Main services and solutions:
·enterprise management
·supply chain integration
·IP protection

GDIO aims to provide strategic consultations and credible solutions on the brand strategy, design services, technical support, and talent training, and work on industrial cooperation and docking. By providing a service platform, GDIO has helped many enterprises to carry out cooperation:

In August 2019, Prof. Dr. Yuan Xiaowei, Vice Chairman of Sino-German Industrial Design Expert Committee and Mathis Heller, DeTao Master of Automotive & Industrial Design came to Shandong Province to visit some enterprises in Yantai, Zibo, and Weifang for in-depth and multidimensional investigation and research. This visit aims to provide strategic consultations and credible solutions and work on industrial cooperation and docking.

In October 2019, a visit was paid to CIMC Raffles with over 30 professionals from the design industry, governments, and international organizations around the world. Through this field visit to CIMC Raffles, participants had the opportunity to climb on a gigantic offshore drilling platform which is the biggest deepwater drilling unit in the world at present. Through exchange and interaction, we want to provide more possibilities for international cooperation.

In January 2020, to better provide solutions to enterprises and promote the upgrading and transition of them, experts from the Expert Committee of Sino-German Industrial Design Center had face-to-face communication with enterprises in Yantai, discussing the short-term implementation plan and long-term construction plan of digitalization and upgrading.

Cases for the combination of biotechnology with manufacturing and agriculture: Alzheimer’s apparatus and NAPA coffee.