Looking for Cooperation on Patent of Korea Design Association


One of GDIO Members Korea Design Association was awarded WIPO MEDAL for the patent “METHOD OF PRODUCING WATER SOLUBLE SOLID HUMATE” on July, 2020. And they want to use this patent to cooperate with other GDIO Members and shareholders.

About the Patent:

This invention provides an efficient technique of processing humate bearing ore in the solid state, and enables to obtain water-soluble solid fulvate and humate with a simple process for production without liquid state reaction, concentration, decreases labor, energy and material input of the process.


About Cooperation:

For this patent, they want to cooperate with other GDIO Members on patent exchange, including following matters:

1. Assignment of the patent

2. License to use the patent

3.Joint venture and collaboration with the patent

About KDP:

62552a5f2419b.pngKorea Design Association is established in July 14th, 2011 by the state on the basis of recognition of the significance of the industrial design.


It is the only civil organization of industrial design in DPR Korea, which promotes creation, research, development,promulgation and training with a

view to giving impetus to national economic development and betterment of people’s livelihood.

As a global platform, GDIO is constantly committed to facilitating cooperation and to building up the cooperation community. Anyone who want to discuss cooperation opportunity on this patent could directly contact GDIO Secretariat