Greeting from Victoria University of Wellington


Kia ora and greetings to the Global Design Industry Organization, from me, Professor Simon Fraser at the Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.

Given our geographical location and distance to market, our industrial design program has made a significant commitment to digital manufacturing technologies and online platforms, as a more agile and sustainable form of manufacturing in a constantly changing context. Not only is this changing our understanding of what we design, but also the way that we undertake design in an increasingly interconnected world.

In the global context, we are delighted to follow the growth of the Global Design Industry Organization in China, and our ongoing association with it through our Dean, Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel. We were also delighted to have some of the work that you see here acknowledged with the TIA Eco-Design Award in 2018. And we look forward to continuing the relationship.

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Simon Fraser

Victoria University of Wellington